100 GB Database Converted Using 8-Core Computing System

I needed to convert the format of a very large file, and no commercial services in the area were able to do it. I tried on my own reasonably high-end computer, but had no luck – even if my system didn’t crash, which it did, the job might have taken weeks to complete. Greg Johnson… Read More

In Praise of Excellent Service

We’re grateful for the following feedback received this week from Professor Philip Lutgendorf: I always receive excellent service from the staff of the Language Media Center, especially in all aspects of technical support. In recent months, Brianna Janssen Sánchez provided invaluable assistance (sometimes, at night, from her home) with ICON support for a large, General Education… Read More

Critical Data Recovered

At the start of the Fall 2014 semester, I had the opportunity to work with Steve Warren in the Department of History as he was developing some exceptional multimedia presentations in the process of ‘flipping’ his course. This would allow students to listen to lectures according to their own schedules and at their own pace, with the… Read More