Medical Sociologist Expresses Gratitude for Assistance Received

20150723th-lea-hagoel21 July 2015

Dear Becky and Greg,

I’m writing to thank you both for the hospitality and professional help you so generously provided, with me being just a visiting guest here at the University of Iowa.

All the best to you

Lea Hagoel, Ph.D.
Medical Sociologist
Department of Community Medicine and Epidemiology
Faculty of Medicine, Technion, & Carmel Medical Center
Haifa, Israel

Project Notes

Every summer, Iowa City becomes home to visiting writers from around the world through the Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

Many of those visiting writers come to the Language Media Center in the Division of World Languages Literatures & Cultures. Usually they come to use a computer for writing or printing, but sometimes they have additional support needs or questions.

Assisting these visitors with their computing and technical needs is a good opportunity to give someone a positive experience during their stay, and help them feel welcomed to our campus and community.

In July, Lea Hagoel asked if we could help with some specialized formatting required for a book she was writing. The publisher had a specific template that the book needed to conform to.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve assisted many faculty meet the varied formatting requirements for publishing to journals or books. Yet, each situation is different.

For Lea’s book, a template had been specified that consisted of various pre-defined styles to be used in Microsoft Word. It was necessary to take existing chapters and add them to the template document for the styles to become available for applying throughout the chapter.

Whenever possible, it’s good to begin with the necessary style library, and begin writing utilizing the styles specified. However, in cases where the writing already exists prior to the style guidelines being provided, it’s possible to go back and apply the styles accordingly.

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