2015 Japanese speech contest a great success!

20150310tu-university-of-iowa-uiowa-dwllc-japanese-speech-contest-2015Every year at the University of Iowa the Japanese Program hosts a speech contest that has been a very well organized and popular event.

Support for the event comes from multiple sponsors, and coordinating the event is a team effort that includes assistance from many people in the Division.

The Language Media Center helps provide equipment and support for the audio visual needs of the event.

The poster for this year’s event is shown here. In its printed form, the poster is very beautiful and artistically designed.

Click here or the poster image for a larger view.

Positive Feedback

The following message of thanks was sent to all those involved in helping with the event and it is reprinted here with permission:

Thank you very much for assisting us with the Japanese speech contest, which was again a great success. Your kind attention really makes the rather daunting process of event preparation easier and more pleasant, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all.

Best wishes,
Yumi, on behalf of the Japanese Program

Technical Notes and Guidelines

In these stories and articles posted on the Studio Users website, we like to share briefly from a technical perspective about how user support needs are met. This helps people understand our services better, and can also serve as a ‘how-to’ guide for others with similar support needs.

Philips Hall has an excellent auditorium (room 100) with programmed lighting controls and a host of high-quality AV systems. The video below provides an overview of the room. More details are found on the room 100 information page.

Like most lecture halls on campus, there is a PA system and microphone for presenters to use. Two wireless Audio-Technica microphones are available (one lapel and one handheld) and automatically operate through the room audio system. They are in a secure lockbox and and available only to those who have checked out the key.

The power switch (on the bottom of the handheld mic) must be held down to turn the microphones on and off (or pushed once for mute). It’s important to check the battery level and test the system out prior to any event. Visit the Audio-Technica product page for documentation and user guides.

For the Japanese Speech Contest, we needed an additional microphone. The LMC has a very high quality professional microphone with a very long cable and the necessary professional-grade XLR connector needed to plug into the room AV amplifier system. Simply plugging it in is all that’s needed to have the additional third microphone patched into the room audio.

The LMC Studio equipment loaner program provided the video camera, tripod, and other accessories needed to video record the event.


If you have questions relating to the auditorium in Phillips Hall (room 100), you may want to contact Classroom Services first. The DWLLC main office staff can help answer general questions as well, and the LMC staff can help provide local technical and media support.

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