In Praise of Excellent Service

We’re grateful for the following feedback received this week from Professor Philip Lutgendorf:

20150213fr-Philip-A-Lutgendorf-uiowa-professor-hindi-indiain-studiesI always receive excellent service from the staff of the Language Media Center, especially in all aspects of technical support.

In recent months, Brianna Janssen Sánchez provided invaluable assistance (sometimes, at night, from her home) with ICON support for a large, General Education lecture class I taught.

Greg Johnson, Sue Otto, and Rebecca Bohde are unfailing courteous, responsive, and generous with their time and I often come to them with my hardware and software problems.

I am currently involved in the editing of a very large manuscript: a translation for Harvard University Press that exists in several recensions—my final draft, the copy-editor’s corrected version, and the original Hindi text in Devanagari script. To complete my work, I need to have all three documents open and visible at once, and this is not possible on my 13-inch laptop supplied by the College.

I was stymied as to how to move forward, and then Greg and Becky offered to lend me, not one, but two large external Apple monitors! —one for use at home and one for my Phillips Hall office. Greg gave me the technical help necessary to set these up, and I am now making good progress in my editing, without eye-strain. I am deeply grateful for all this service from the LMC!


Our Stories

For any organization or institution, it’s important to go beyond the impersonal bulleted lists of ‘services we provide’ and have users tell their stories about how the facility is utilized and valued.

For a center providing support services, the value can’t always be conveyed through lists of equipment and a directory of staff. People want to know about the creative an innovative ways the center can be used.

So, this is why we share these testimonials and feedback — to give others an idea of how the facility can be used, and help people understand what we do. It also reminds us that we’re valued and appreciated.



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