Critical Data Recovered

20100104tu-gregory-johnson-by-makur-jain-IMG_1164-198x198-squareAt the start of the Fall 2014 semester, I had the opportunity to work with Steve Warren in the Department of History as he was developing some exceptional multimedia presentations in the process of ‘flipping’ his course. This would allow students to listen to lectures according to their own schedules and at their own pace, with the ability to easily review materials at any time.


I visited his class to provide a quick overview to his students about the technical requirements for accessing the curriculum, and I could see that the students were enthusiastic about having these kinds of dynamic multimedia materials for learning.

What I find motivating and rewarding about my work at the University, is the opportunity to work with enthusiastic and innovative faculty like Steve Warren. In seeing their enthusiasm and commitment, I’m inspired to go above and beyond.

In visiting with Steve, I learned that he had a crashed hard drive with a large amount of critical data on it. Having skills and experience in the area of data recovery, I offered to recover his data.

It’s these kinds of experiences that are happening regularly at the University of Iowa, although they often go unnoticed. It’s part of the spirit of collaboration that’s common in the University of Iowa workplace and community.

~ Greg Johnson

* * *

10418521_10203865514942968_8446606115878293147_n“Greg Johnson and the staff at UI Capture (Panopto) spent a great deal of time with me as they explained the new technology and uploaded it to my computer. In addition, Mr. Johnson went beyond his job description when he helped me to save all of the data on a corrupted external hard drive and transfer it to a new one. His helpfulness, combined with his willingness to work beyond his job description, made me feel fortunate to be part of the UI community.” ~ Stephen Warren, Associate Professor, Department of History


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