Video Produced for the Department of Psychology

A long-term project that we worked on in 2014 was a video on the prevention of postpartum depression produced in collaboration with Michael O’Hara of the Department of Psychology for use by the Marcé Society.

Much of the recording and groundwork for this project was completed in the Language Media Center facility of the Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures. Contributions to the video were made by professionals in the field of postpartum depression including:

The live interviews were recorded at the Language Media Center using and other distance collaboration technologies.

Below you can see one of the final video recording sessions that took place in a recording studio located in the Department of Psychology.

Michael O’Hara (center). Greg Johnson (behind camera at left).

You can view the video, Prevention of Postpartum Depression, on the Department of Psychology website. [view]


We’re always pleased to receive and share feedback from those we work with. Here are comments from Michael O’Hara.

“I was asked by the leadership of one of my scientific societies to produce an educational video. I had no knowledge of how to proceed. Fortunately, I found out about Greg Johnson and the Language Media Center. Greg worked very closely with me over a period of several months, helping me with every detail of video production. The final product turned out exceptionally well. I would certainly come back to Greg and LMC for a similar project in the future.”


About The Studio. There are many goals for The Studio, but a large part of our overall purpose is to support the DWLLC and other units in the pursuit of delivering on the academic mission of the University of Iowa. We do this by providing the technology and expertise necessary to complete critical projects and initiatives on campus. [More…]

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