Fulbright FLTA Videos Produced

In the spring of 2014, we recorded some video footage with plans to produce several short segments that convey the IOWA experience through the stories of three visiting Fulbright FLTA instructors. Below are the videos that were ultimately produced.

Amira Rammah – Fulbright – Arabic

Pius Nambuta – Fulbright – Swahili

Maged Nofal – Fulbright – Arabic

Yiseul Yu – Fulbright – Korean


About The Videos

The Purpose. Our Fulbright FLTA instructors are an inspiration to us. Through their positive outlook, we are able to learn more about our culture in ways we’d not thought of before. Their hard work and dedication is matched with an enthusiasm about innovative instruction and academic excellence. We’re grateful to have them enriching our community. The process of digital storytelling is essential for sharing our experiences. Through these stories, we inform and inspire others. These stories help us communicate with students and colleagues across campus about what we do on a daily basis. We’re also able to stay connected to Alumni who wish to support our work. We hope that through these stories, those outside the University of Iowa may become inspired to enroll or be employed here.

The Production. The original recordings were done using two HD solid-state video cameras and a high-end DSLR camera recording in 1920×1080 resolution. This allowed us to record from different angles. Because high definition videos require a lot of hard drive storage, and a video with three camera angles requires three times the storage of standard HD video, we used one of our high-end Mac Pro computers in the studio. The computer is equipped with additional storage capacity and two quad-core processors (8 cores and 16 virtual cores) with sufficient processing power to render the video.

The Team. Below you can see the team who worked on this project. Ian Brauer (on the left) spent many hours using Final Cut Pro editing the multi-camera/multi-angle transitions. The original video interviews were quite long, so much editing was needed. Elizabeth Deifell (right) created a detailed inventory of the videos, identifying what segments were to be retained in the final product. Elena Osinskaya (second from right), provided project guidance and consulting. Greg Johnson, (second from left) assisted with the original recording, and provided some video production guidance.

From left to right: Ian Brauer, Greg Johnson, Elena Osinskaya, and Elizabeth Deifell.

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