Upgraded and Expanded Technology for 2015

In previous years, the studio was limited to four computers (two Windows and two Apple computers). As we head into 2015, we now have six high-end computers in the studio.

Windows Computers


The three Windows computers are the latest touch-screen-enabled Dell OptiPlex All-In-One computers with huge displays.

With extra ram and exceptional computing power, these systems work well for projects involving multimedia content development.

The larger screens accommodate tool palettes and menus common in graphic design and media production programs.

Apple Computers

20150121we-306692-apple-imac-27-inch-late-2012The three Apple computers offer multi-core processing and huge displays.

There are two new iMac systems and one tower Power Mac with 8 cores (and 16 virtual cores) to speed up rendering of larger video projects.

The demands of video editing are well served by the larger screens that can accommodate multiple camera angles and views, longer timelines, and complete pallets of video tools and effects.

Additional Media Technology

In addition to the computer systems, we continue to have two multi-format Epson scanners that can scan documents, photos, and slides.

We have a solid ink Xerox color printer that is fast, and prints a melted fused crayon-like material to the surface of a page that makes the ink highly resistant to water.

A large format Canon printer is able to print on paper sizes up to 17″ x 11.

A Daewoo DVR (digital video recorder) is available for recording broadcasted cable television shows from local news and overseas foreign language channels.

The entire studio can be viewed in the panorama photo below (click to enlarge).


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