TechSmith AppShow: It’s Like Camtasia for iOS Devices!



You’re probably familiar with Camtasia from TechSmith, and impressed with how easy it is to record and produce powerful and effective sessions right from your computer. Imagine being able to do this for your iOS device. Well, now you can with TechSmith AppShow.

Quickly create app preview videos, training about mobile apps, or just show a friend how to install that cool, new iOS keyboard. TechSmith AppShow makes it easy to record anything happening on your iOS device and share it as a clear, concise video.

12 Ways to Use TechSmith AppShow


  • Show how to use the features of an app
  • Help people discover new apps
  • Give tips for optimizing iOS settings


  • Introduce new apps to teachers and students
  • Demonstrate pedagogical uses of iPads
  • Enable students to show their work

Support and Development

  • Troubleshoot problems with an app or mobile device
  • Give clear feedback on a mobile design or bug
  • Document issues for QA testing


  • Show off your app in the App Store or on your website
  • Make a teaser video of your new feature or game level
  • Make content marketing videos to answer common questions

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